Afsana Khan Body Shaming Comment On Rajiv Adaita: In the house of Bigg Boss 15, there is a new spectacle every day. The latest episode was full of drama amidst fights and friendship romance. Captaincy task is going on in the house. During this, Punjabi singer Afsana Khan made such a comment on Rajiv Adatia, which created a ruckus. Rajeev is Shamita Shetty’s Rakhi brother and she recently got a wild card entry in the house. Rajiv was also a part of the captaincy task, when Afsana mocked him and body-shamed him.

Rajeev Adatia wept bitterly

Rajeev Adatia was also taking part in the Captaincy Task, when Afsana Khan mocked him and said that he will not come in the empty space of any alphabet. Hearing this comment, Rajiv got angry and started shouting at Afsana. She said that she can joke with any member of the house but she does not tolerate such things. After this, Shamita also supported her brother, after which Afsana apologized to Rajiv at the same time.

Later Rajiv became very emotional and was seen crying bitterly inside the house, Shamita was seen handling him. Rajiv told that he does not tolerate such things, he has a medical problem, he is suffering from thyroid. Afsana often remains in the headlines due to her sharp comments. Even before this, Afsana had made very lewd comments, edge shaming on Shamita. Then the host of the show, Salman Khan, reprimanded him a lot. Afsana had even called Shamita an old and dirty woman.

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