Violence in Pakistan: Pakistan, which nurtures terror and supports violence, is troubled by violence these days. Thousands of people have left from Lahore to encircle the capital Islamabad. Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan ie TLP is instigating this crowd. TLP first hit the streets on 22 October. So far 4 policemen have died in this demonstration. Several TLP supporters have also been injured in the violence. In view of the violence, the vigil of the policemen has been increased. Know why violence has erupted in Pakistan.

Why is violence happening??

Actually, the radical organization TLP is on the road with two demands. The first demand is to release TLP chief Saad Rizvi and the second demand is to send the French ambassador back from Islamabad to France. The Imran government agreed to accept the first demand, but it is not so easy to accept the second demand.

Why Imran can’t send back the French ambassador?

Let us tell you that France is the host country of FATF and in the same FATF Pakistan is facing the brunt of gray list. Now in such a situation where Pakistan is scrambling to get out of the gray list, Prime Minister Imran Khan cannot think of sending the French ambassador back from Islamabad to France.

Inconclusive talks with TLP

The inconclusive talks with the TLP have forced Imran, who is holding the chair of Pakistan’s Wazir-e-Azam, to pluck his hair. Now it has to be seen how the Pakistan government, which dreams of burning other countries in the fire of violence, will deal with this fire.



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