Karan Kundra Trolled By Umar Riaz Fans: The captaincy task was going on in the house of Bigg Boss on Thursday, due to which there was a huge ruckus in the house. Two teams were formed for this task, in which the contestants had to remove the members of each other’s team from the alphabet. Karan Kundrra and Shamita Shetty were made the directors of this task. To become the captain, there was a tough competition among the family members. Meanwhile, Karan made a comment on Umar Riaz that did not go down well with his fans, after which the fans of Umar Riaz trolled Karan Kundra.

Karan calls Umar Riaz a ‘donkey’

In the captaincy task, the family members had to sit in the alphabets made in the garden area and the opposing team had to remove them from it. Umar showed a great game in this task. The family members tortured him a lot to remove him from his place, but still Omar did not budge. During this, Karan Kundrra makes fun of Umar and tells Shamita that ‘it is worth it, Umar Riyaz is a donkey.’

Umar’s fans trolled Karan

This thing of Karan pricked the fans of Umar and they started trolling him on social media. A user named Aditi said that Karan called Umar a donkey, why was this scene removed. Why is Bigg Boss so biased? So on the other hand, another user said that Bigg Boss wants to show Karan Kundrra good.

A user named Preet said that Umar Riaz’s scene is cut where he makes strategy in the game and beats Shamita with his logic.

It was seen in the show that Karan Kundrra continued to fill Shamita’s ear against Umar and its effect was also seen in the task. Umar was doing his task very well, despite this Shamita disqualified him and Umar was out of the captain’s race.

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