Brain Diseases Due to Coronavirus: The epidemic of Coronavirus has caused tremendous destruction in the last one and a half years. If someone’s life was snatched away, then someone has been tortured in the hospital for weeks. But, there are also a large number of people who have not been directly attacked by the virus, but have had such a bad effect on their brain, from which they can take a long time to recover. Among such people, someone has spoiled his mental condition by being afraid, then someone has become addicted to mobile and internet. The most affected have been children. After starting to use mobile in the name of online education, many children have become accustomed to it. On getting away from these habits, someone is becoming irritable and someone’s mental behavior is changing.

200 psychiatrists will brainstorm
About 200 psychiatrists from North India about how to cure such people with side effects of corona, how to treat them, what medicines should be given to them, how they should be counseled, how to overcome the fear sitting inside the people. Tomorrow i.e. from October 30, we will churn for 2 days. This conference of psychiatrists will be held in Sangam city Prayagraj. Although all the aspects related to mental illnesses will be discussed in this conference, but the special focus will be on the effect on the mental condition of the people due to corona and the possibilities of curing it.

scared people
Prayagraj psychiatrist Dr Saurabh Tandon and Dr Vipul Mehrotra told that these days there is a flood of patients with side effects of corona. Many people are so scared of this disease that they are not ready to leave the house. They also keep distance from family members, due to this they are also getting many other diseases. For the diagnosis of such diseases, the psychiatrists of North India will discuss among themselves and explore possibilities of normalizing the daily routine of the people.

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