Fraud Alert : Despite the continuous awareness campaigns by different agencies, the cases of cyber fraud are increasing. Fraudsters use different methods to break into people’s bank accounts. This is the reason that in many cases people come to know about the fraud after a long time. One of these ways of cheating is SIM swapping. If the SIM network is not coming in your phone for a long time, then you need to be alert. Your SIM may have been swapped. Let us know in detail what is SIM swapping and how to avoid it.

what is sim swapping

In SIM swapping, thugs swap your SIM. Simply put, by adopting different methods, thugs get your SIM switched off and get another SIM issued in its place. Because your number goes to them as soon as a new SIM arrives, then they break into your bank accounts through the OTP coming on it. Here it is important to know how swapping happens. The first way in this is that the fraudsters call you as an executive of the telecom company and get you verified by asking you to upgrade the SIM or offer any other offer. After this they ask you the 20 digit number written on the back of the SIM. As soon as they know this number, they issue a duplicate SIM of your number. Apart from this, the other way is that in this, thugs somehow take your documents and get duplicate sim out of your name.

In this way you fly Rs.

Because our number is registered in the bank and the access of the number has come to the thugs, so they get all the OTPs. In such a situation, they break into your bank account by changing the password through netbanking, transferring money or shopping online. On the other hand, your SIM is turned off, in such a situation you do not even know about the fraud.

keep these things in mind

  • If someone calls you as an executive of a telecom company and asks for details while offering a plan, then do not share the information.
  • To activate the plan, do not send any kind of message at the behest of anyone.
  • If you want to start a plan on your number, then for this contact the customer care number of the company and get the plan activated.
  • The most important thing is that if the SIM network does not come for more than 5 minutes, then immediately find out from the other person having SIM of the same company whether this problem is not with them also.
  • If their network is coming, then call the customer care number immediately.
  • For OTP in the bank, enter not only the mobile number, but also the email ID. With this, in the event of the mobile number being switched off, you will continue to receive OTP alerts or alerts related to banking transactions on the mail and you will be alerted in time.
  • Even if there is no call or message on your number for a long time, you still need to be alert.

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