Patna: The festival of Diwali (Diwali 2021) is knocking at the door. The five-day festival of Diwali starts from Dhanteras 2021. In such a situation, the festival of Dhanteras, the festival of happiness, prosperity and growth, is now visible in the markets. The markets of Patna, the capital of Bihar, are decorated like a bride before Dhanteras. From utensils, lights and jhalers to the bullion market, there is a lot of fun. If you are also thinking of buying lights, chandeliers, utensils or jewelery this Dhanteras, then this news is of your use.

when is dhanteras? (Dhanteras 2021 Date)

Before buying, first of all know that when is Dhanter? Let us tell you that this time Dhanteras will be celebrated on November 2 and Diwali (Diwali 2021) will be celebrated on November 4. That is, now only a few days are left in Dhanteras and Diwali. It is considered auspicious to bring any gold item, utensils or any other item in the house on Dhanteras. That is why on the occasion of Dhanteras people definitely go out for shopping. Let us tell you from which market of Patna to buy these goods, then you can get cheaper and better.

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Bakarganj is famous for gold jewelery

If you want to buy jewelery made of gold or silver this Diwali, then you can visit the jewelery shop located in Bakarganj, adjacent to Gandhi Maidan, Patna. There is also a retail shop along with a wholesale market. Whether it is a matter of design or collection, you will find all kinds of jewelery here. Crores of rupees are traded in this market on Dhanteras. Apart from this, you can also go to New Market located at Patna Junction. At the same time, there are many shops on Boring Road and Dakbangla. You can try here too, but these are all showrooms.

Visit Chandni Market for home decoration

Everyone is busy in decorating their house on Diwali. Some like colorful lights and some like chandeliers. If you are also thinking of getting lights, chandeliers or any electronic items this Diwali, then you can approach Chandni Market located on Fraser Road, Patna. Here apart from Patna, retail traders also carry goods from other districts. Every year on Diwali, more than one light and chandelier come to this market. Everyone’s heart falls on the colorful and designer lights. People take it from here at wholesale price. Those who know, definitely come here to shop for decorating the house on Diwali. Apart from this, Bakarganj of Patna is also famous for electronic items.

Move to New Market for Utensils

If you are new to Patna, or do not have much information about the pot market, then you can go to the New Market located at Patna Junction. There is always a pottery shop in this market. Especially before Dhanteras, the brightness increases further. You will find steel, brass and copper utensils here. You will also get all the kitchen sets. There are shops in other areas of Patna, but if you are thinking of getting something affordable, then you can try it here once.

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