Petrol Diesel Tax Rate in UP: The ever-increasing petrol-diesel prices in the country have increased the problems of the people. But amidst their rising prices, there can be relief news regarding the price of petrol and diesel in UP. Actually, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh can reduce VAT on petrol and diesel. With the increasing price of petrol every day, the price of petrol in UP has already crossed the 100 mark. At the same time, the price of diesel can also touch the figure of Centura at any time.

If the Yogi government of the state decides to reduce the VAT tax on petrol and diesel, then it can give a big relief to the common man.

How much tax does the government charge on petrol and diesel in UP

In Uttar Pradesh, the state government gets the benefit of crores of rupees from the tax on petrol and diesel. Here the state government is charging a tax of Rs 18.74 per liter on petrol. At the same time, the state government charges a VAT tax of Rs 12.44 per liter on diesel. Both the central and state governments make huge profits from petrol and diesel.

The excise duty levied by the center is added to the base price of petrol, dealer’s profit and freight charges. The government does not set a percentage for this, it sets a lump sum amount.

Petrol and diesel prices increased again in UP

In the country’s largest state, the price of petrol has increased by 43 paise today, while the price of diesel has increased by 44 paise. Petrol in UP has increased from Rs 105.27 per liter to Rs 105.70 per liter today. At the same time, diesel increased from Rs 97.50 per liter to Rs 97.94 per liter.

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