The Saipad Unit of Delhi Police has busted a gang that cheated people. The police have arrested 12 people in this case. According to the police, this gang had created a website similar to a government website to file complaints of cyber crimes. Whenever a complainant used to file a complaint of cyber crime with him on this website, then these people used to extort money from him in the name of processing fee.

According to Delhi Police, this gang has cheated more than 3000 people so far. This gang had created a website named Many victims say that when they used to call the mobile number given on this website to file a complaint against any cybercrime, the person picking up the phone used to call himself a government employee. According to the police, the person talking on the phone used to collect Rs 2850 from the victims in the name of processing their complaint. When the victim used to transfer money, they used to block his mobile number. In this manner, the gang has cheated about one crore 74 lakh rupees so far.

Similar case registered in Karnataka also

At the same time, the police told that this is not the first such case. Earlier, 7 more similar complaints have been filed on the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal. A case of cheating has also been registered in Karnataka. At the same time, during the investigation, it was found that in the last one year, this gang, who cheated by creating a fake website, has made Rs 1,74,00,000 so far.

Technical surveillance arrested

According to Delhi Police, they have arrested 12 people including 2 women in this case. At the same time, 7 laptops and 25 mobiles have also been recovered from them. The mastermind of this gang is a resident of Noida, adjacent to Delhi.

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