UP Coronavirus: Yogi government will give financial assistance to the families of people who lost their lives due to Corona Pandemic in UP. A government order has been issued in this regard. According to the mandate, the government will give financial assistance of 50-50 thousand rupees to the families of those who lost their lives due to the corona epidemic. CM Yogi had announced a few days ago that those who have lost their lives due to the corona epidemic will be given financial help. Its order has been issued on the instructions of CM. Instructions have been issued to all the Commissioners and DMs on behalf of the Additional Chief Secretary Revenue as to how this relief amount is to be distributed.

These things have to be kept in mind in the application
Let us tell you what will have to be done to get this relief amount. The relatives of the deceased will have to apply on a prescribed format. This application will be submitted to the District Magistrate. After this, the DM will have to settle it in a month. The death certificate will be attached with the application form. It is necessary that the death certificate of the deceased should be written “Due to Corona”.

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Instructions to make a separate cell to DM
The government has instructed the DM to set up a separate cell to speed up the process. In all the districts, a committee of ADM, CMO, ACMO, chairman of the medical department of the medical college and subject expert will be formed. This committee will certify the death certificate.

22,898 died due to corona in the state
According to government data, till 18 October 2021, 22,898 people have died due to corona in the state. The maximum number of 2651 deaths occurred in Lucknow followed by 1905 in Kanpur Nagar. District wise funds are being made available to the kin of the deceased to provide relief amount of Rs 50,000 from the State Disaster Response Fund. Financial assistance in the scheme will not be limited to the families of these deceased only. Rather, in future also, if there is any death due to corona, then their families will also be given assistance.

Confused family here
In the case of death from Corona, the mandate of financial help has been issued, but many families are also confused about it. One complication of the family is whether to apply for financial assistance in the home district or where the death occurred during treatment. There are a large number of people who went to another district for treatment. Especially in Lucknow, patients arrived from almost all over the state. Apart from this, there is also a question of family members that how should those who died at home apply. During the Corona period, there were also a large number of people who died before reaching the hospital. Corona was not written as the cause of death on the death certificates of a large number of people. Regarding all this, the Additional Chief Secretary Revenue says that after examining the problems of the people, if needed, a new guideline will be issued.

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