COVID-19 in Russia: The corona epidemic has caused outcry in Russia. More than 40 thousand new cases have been reported in a day. While 1159 people suffering from this disease have lost their lives. The Moscow administration has imposed an 11-day lockdown after a record number of new cases and deaths increased. Moscow on Thursday closed shops, schools and restaurants for 11 days to stem a rise in coronavirus infections and deaths. All non-essential services, including schools and kindergartens, as well as retail shops, restaurants, and sports and entertainment venues, will remain closed till November 7.

11 day lockdown

In view of the increase in corona virus infection and deaths, it has been decided to discontinue the masks for 11 days. Only shops selling food, medicine and other essential items will remain open. Officials are doing their best to deal with the coronavirus wave, but new records of infections and deaths have raised concerns. With a total of more than 230,000 deaths, Russia is in the category of countries hit by the epidemic where the situation with Corona is very serious. The authorities have shied away from the severe lockdowns imposed in Western countries.

emphasis on vaccination

President Vladimir Putin’s government is pinning its hopes on domestic vaccines such as the Sputnik v jab. Only 32 percent of Russia’s population was fully vaccinated, matching COVID-19 data from regions. President Putin last week ordered a nationwide paid holiday between October 30 and November 7 to address rising infections. Moscow authorities have ordered the closure of non-essential services in the capital from Thursday to control the epidemic. Streets in Moscow were slightly less congested than usual on Thursday morning, but the city’s vast metro network was as busy as ever, with many commuters not wearing masks. At present, the situation in Russia is very worrying. It is said that so far more than 4 lakh people have died in the country due to corona infection.

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