Patna: Controversy continues over the remarks made by RJD supremo Lalu Yadav on Bhakta Charan Das, in-charge of Bihar Congress. In this sequence, on Monday, the Chief Minister of the state Nitish Kumar has reacted. He said that we do not take notice of all these things. That is the job of these people. Their job is to keep saying something, not to work. I have never been interested in work, just keep on using my tongue. By doing this they get a lot of publicity.

What goes into making a claim?

The Chief Minister said, “Such people take publicity without doing any work. We never pay attention to such people. If they want to go for campaigning, then go. It is for them to decide.” On the question of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s claim of winning both the seats, the Chief Minister said that no one has any problem in making the claim. What goes into making a claim? People keep talking inside and outside the jail. We don’t have to comment on this.

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Election results will be known to all

He said that we know that when they got a chance to rule, they did not serve the public. The job of those people is just to keep on speaking, keep speaking whatever they want. We have nothing to do with it, do not give any importance to these things. On the question of RJD’s claim to form the government in Bihar after winning both the seats in the by-election, the Chief Minister said that the public is the owner. Everyone will know what will be the election result. We do not respond to these people.

On the question of being sure about the victory of NDA in the by-elections, the Chief Minister said that we are engaged in work. We serve the public. The public is the owner who decides. Whatever he has to say, he should keep speaking, we have nothing to say on this. We are only interested in work. For us the whole of Bihar is a family while for some people the private family is everything. This is the difference between us and them. We are not interested in taking publicity by making statements.

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