Nuh: More than 100 crore vaccine doses have been applied in the fight against corona virus across the country. But the pace of vaccination is very slow in Nuh district of Haryana. Nuh is included in the 48 districts of the country where very few people have been able to get the vaccine. This information has come to the fore after the figures released by the government. 

Most of the districts lagging behind in terms of vaccination are from the North East states. This includes 6 districts of Arunachal Pradesh, one of Assam, 8 of Manipur, four of Meghalaya, one of Mizoram and 8 of Nagaland. 

Vaccine speed is very slow in Nuh

The introduction of vaccine across the country started from January 16. So far in Nuh district, only 23.5 percent of the population eligible for the vaccine has been given the first dose of corona vaccine. 

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