Sunny Leone Reaction To Little Fan: Bollywood actress Sunny Leone shared an old incident when the mother of a child came to her and asked for a picture because that woman’s child was Sunny’s fan. Sunny recently talked about this in the new season of One Mic Stand. She said that she was shocked to hear that the child was her fan. In the video clip, Sunny Leone said, ‘This fan is really out of my mind. She comes to me with her child and says, take a photo, this is your fan.’ Before moving on, Sunny gave a shocking reaction and said, ‘I’m like, ‘Fan from where?’ Doesn’t she know who I am?” Pretending to hold a baby in her hands, Sunny again added, “All I want to say is ‘Show Captain America, not naughty America’ to this cute little kid.” .

Sunny Leone on One Mice Stand: Sharing this video, Sunny wrote, ‘When I met my dearest the full app only on #OneMicStandOnPrime @PrimeVideoIN.’ Let us tell you that earlier, Sunny had talked about her relationship with stand-up comedian Russell Peters on the same show and said, ‘I dated a comedian, but it was not for very long. We ended it. I mean, we were friends for years, why would we even start dating? It was by far the worst thing we could have done and I am still mad because we are still such good friends.

Sunny Leone on her Relationship: Sunny Leone later married Daniel Weber on April 9, 2011. Both are now parents to three children. They have six-year-old daughter Nisha and three-year-old twin sons Noah and Asher. The show is hosted by Sapan Verma and the celebrities participating are mentored by comedians including Sumikhi Suresh, Samay Raina, Neeti Palta, Atul Khatri and Abish Mathew. The show premiered on October 22 on Amazon Prime Video.

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