5 Types of cryptocurrency

Five types of cryptocurrency in their function if you’re new to the world of digital assets when you think crypto bitcoin is probably

the first thing to pop into your mind while the coin boasts a one trillion dollar market capitalization and is backed by 22 public companies there are many other digital coins that will give you good returns We’ve categorized

15 altcoins into five crypto functions to make it easy for you to decide which one you should choose currency is the most commonly known use of crypto coins you can use digital currencies to buy products bitcoin for tesla and

dogecoin for Dallas Mavericks tickets and merch other currencies are bitcoin and bitcoin cash stable coins are a type of asset


backed by a reserve either a fiat currency A cryptocurrency or a commodity tether USD coin and die are all assets backed by us dollar

proof of stake is a mechanism that regulates transactions between users ensuring they are verified and added to a public ledger cryptocurrencies

that use proof of stake or ether for decentralized applications, Cardano, for research purposes and Solana for blockchain applications decentralized finance is an umbrella term for applications that use public

blockchains and crypto assets to disrupt traditional finance sectors the industry is also a major reason for ether’s recent record-breaking success cryptocurrencies that use defy applications are unison a decentralized exchange for

trading Ethereum based tokens chain link a decentralized oracle’s network and ave a decentralized lending platform the Sector is booming and is predicted to see more success non-fungible tokens are digital assets

with unique data that is secured and backed by blockchain technology NFTs are verifiable and cannot be duplicated and have seen

significant success recently for their ability to ensure copyright is respected flow tests and algorithms support nfts the theta network an article streaming blockchain and chili’s

types of cryptocurrency


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