NEW DELHI: Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15 begins with Tejasswi Prakash telling Karan Kundrra that she does not like his friendship with Nishant Bhat and Shamita Shetty. Nishant and Shamita talk about the captaincy task and say that Pratik was wrong here. He, however, adds that he doesn’t see a difference between Pratik and the rest of the housemates. Both Shamita and Nishant say that they do not want to support him anymore and he should fight on his own.

Karan and Shamita have a chat and they discuss Nishant and Pratik’s friendship in the house. He tells her that he was not against her in the captaincy task because she was an OTT contestant. Shamita says that she appreciates how Kundrra came and spoke to her about the entire fiasco during the captaincy task.

Teja and Nishant talk about Pratik’s stand during the captaincy task. Pratik questions her why she didn’t name herself for the captaincy task. Teja tries to explain to him that the captaincy task was ruined and so much money was wasted, however, Pratik fails to understand it. Teja asks him to look at things with the bigger picture.

Karan is having dinner with Teja when he says she was meant to him today. Teja tells him that he is not well and they can talk about it tomorrow. He says he felt bad about what she said to him about talking to Shamita and Nishant after raising their opinion. Teja says that does he want friends who always agree with what he says. Karan says it’s not like that and he apologised to Shamita after hearing her. Teja however says that he is not able to get what she has been trying to convey.

Rajiv Adatia is seen in tears before Miesha Iyer, who consoles him and says he cannot take back his words. Rajiv asks her to stay loyal to Ieshaan and not leave his side. Miesha says she fears that Ieshaan might break his heart, to which he says, Ieshaan would do this to anybody but her.

Housemates wake up to ‘Paisa Paisa’ song the next morning. Karan, Shamita, Rajiv and Nishan have morning tea together. Vishal and Shamita discuss Pratik and they say that Pratik does not care about anyone in the house. Vishal says that Akasa is only seen when she is with Pratik, and has been playing not for her but him. Karan tells Akasa that Nishant has been supporting Pratik in his wrongdoings. He also says that Teja has been very transparent and smart, but he has been feeling lonely in the house. He says that he had assumed that he would get someone who would not make him feel lonely.

Nishant tells Tejasswi that he found several statements of Karan wrong.

Karan goes to Tejasswi and says he has been feeling lonely. Teja asks him to set his priorities right. She says he fights with Nishant, apologises to Shamita and so on. She adds that he should not have included anyone. Teja says you should not have said about OTT people. She says I cannot understand your game. Kundrra says he is not bothered about what people think about him. He says when he feels he has done wrong, he doesn’t mind apologising. She asks him to choose his friends carefully if he wants to be dependent on someone.

Shamita is sitting next to the pool when Vishal comes to her. She tells him that she nominated him. He says I do not care about it and he doesn’t mind getting nominated by her every week.

Akasa, Pratik, Ieshaan and Tejasswi have an argument over who will serve the food to people. Shamita and Akasa talk about how Teja was sitting outside and delayed preparation of lunch. Akasa says Teja didn’t prepare lunch and still went to get ready. Pratik says everyone needs to be proactive. Nishant says he has been cooking since past few days. Pratik asks Teja to not cook from henceforth. Teja says how can she cook if vegetables are not chopped. Teja asks her to do his duties first and then raise fingers at others.

Rajiv, Nishant, Karan and Jay discuss that cooking duties should go to Nishant and Teja. Tejasswi and Nishant argue over-serving of food, as the latter again support Pratik.

Bigg Boss announces a new task where girls are given a few products they can use to do their hair. Girls perform and shows their sassy moves during the performance. Rajeev announces Shamita as the winner in the task.



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