Gopalganj: On Friday morning, fearless criminals shot and killed a sand trader in Matihani Chanwar of Mirganj police station in Gopalganj district of Bihar. After carrying out the crime, all the unknown criminals on the bike fled away. The deceased businessman was 55-year-old Anirudh Singh, resident of Bangra village of Sohagpur panchayat of Hathua police station. Sensation has spread in the entire area after the murder incident. The reason for the murder could not be disclosed.

went to work as usual

It is said that sand merchants used to get up every morning and get engaged in sand business. During this, he used to buy and sell sand-laden trucks in Mirganj and Hathua. On Friday morning at 4.30 am, the businessmen left their house in the direction of Mirganj. During this, the criminals shot him near Matihani village in the middle of the road going from Bangra to Jigna Dhala.

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The exact time when the bullet was fired could not be known. But at nine o’clock in the day people saw his bike lying on the way. Later on searching his body was found on the side of the road in Chanwar. His body was submerged in water. While there were four bullets on the body. It is being speculated that after seeing the criminals, he must have run on the side of the road. During this, he fell into the water filled chavar and the criminals shot him four bullets one by one.

People’s uproar after the murder

A large number of villagers gathered on the spot and started creating ruckus on the information of the murder of sand trader. Angry people were demanding to call the SP on the spot. Hathua SDPO Naresh Kumar pacified the people after persuading them.

Police entangled in border dispute

Here, the dead body was lying for hours in the border dispute between Mirganj and Hathua police stations. The police of Mirganj and Hathua police station reached the spot under the leadership of Hathua SDPO Naresh Kumar. After persuading the people, the dead body was sent for post-mortem by Mirganj police. Regarding the incident, SP Anand Kumar said that the police is investigating. Two people have been taken into custody. Soon the weapon will be recovered and the murder case will be revealed.

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