PM Modi in G-20: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 5-day tour of 2 countries is starting from Italy. Today PM Modi will attend the meeting of G20 countries. The meeting is to be held for 20 countries, but it is related to more than 200 countries of the world. While all eyes will be on India. The great thing is that after 12 years, an Indian Prime Minister has stepped on Italian soil. On this occasion, for the first time, PM Modi will have a face-to-face meeting with the Prime Minister of Italy. After this, PM Modi will also participate in the COP26 Maha Manthan to be held in Glasgow, UK on a common strategy to meet the challenge of climate change. Know what India will get from this meeting and why the eyes of the world are on the country.

first G20 Of status To Learn

  • G20 countries account for 80% of the world’s GDP.
  • 75% of global business dominates
  • And 60% of the world’s population is in these countries.

India Feather Complete World Of vision Why Is?

India has vaccinated more than 100 crore people. India is self-reliant in the matter of making vaccines. The world hopes that India will provide a vaccine to help in the war against Corona. India’s role is also important in tackling the challenge of climate change. At the same time, India is a fast growing economy, which has strong economic management ability.

Complete World To corona Vaccination to give Of way In Big snag Is TRIPS

TRIPS i.e. Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights is an agreement of the World Trade Organization. Which gives patent rights to companies making corona vaccine. That is, other pharma companies cannot make vaccines without taking patent rights. India had demanded from the World Trade Organization to keep the corona vaccine out of this rule so that other pharma companies can also make the vaccine and increase the production of the vaccine in the world. India also got support from many countries including South Africa and Indonesia.

In October last year, India sent a proposal to the WTO to exclude the anti-corona vaccine from the system of intellectual property related trips, which was supported by many countries including South Africa, Indonesia. America has already supported this proposal. The approval of the mighty G20 will make the decision of the WTO easier.

Why is it important for India these meeting?

In the meeting, there will be an attempt from India to persuade the G20 countries to remove the TRIPS rule. If India is successful in this effort, then India will not only have a different identity on the international stage, but India will be seen in a decisive role in the world’s war with Corona.

For India, this G20 meeting being held in Rome has even more special significance, because in December 2021, just after the G20 summit being held in Rome, the capital of Italy, India will join the trio of hosting this powerful group i.e. Troika. After Italy, Indonesia will host the G20 summit in 2022 and then India in 2023. This meeting of Rome will also be important in view of India’s increasing influence in the economic management of the world.

G20 countries Of This general meeting Of for Italy has that Theme madee Is in that

  • People’s strategy to fight against Corona
  • Competing with the challenge of planet i.e. climate change
  • And there will be brainstorming on ways to increase the economic speed of the world.

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