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no time to die full movie Full Cast & Crew:

James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

Off-Screen Highlights:

James Bond is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica after leaving active service. However, his peace is short-lived as his old CIA friend, Felix Leiter, shows up and asks for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond on the trail of a mysterious villain who’s armed with a dangerous new technology.

Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond comes to an end in “No Time to Die,” the newest Bond film that makes some of the most ambitious moves of the entire franchise. Indeed, “No Time to Die” is a groundbreaking Bond film in a lot of ways, but it also brings the arc of Craig’s character to a close in satisfying, conclusive fashion — unlike most of his predecessors.

So let’s get into it – the “No Time to Die” ending, those plot twists, Easter eggs you may have missed, and how it brings the story of Daniel Craig’s James Bond to a definitive end.

The plot of “No Time to Die” is complicated to say the least, but the film picks up where we left off with “Spectre” as Bond and Dr. Madeline Swan (Lea Seydoux) are trying to live a peaceful life of retirement. But when Bond is attacked by Spectre, he suspects Swan has double-crossed him and pushes her out of his life for good. Or so he thinks.

The film’s opening scene explains how Swan is connected to Rami Malek’s villain Lyutsifer Safin – he’s the man who came to Madeline’s house when she was a child, looking for Madeline’s father Mr. White. But when he only found Madeline and her mother, he killed Madeline’s mother and spared the child’s life.

This comes full circle as the film flashes forward five years after Bond and Swan broke up, and Safin is now a bioterrorist in possession of a biological weapon that, when released, can target specific individuals’ DNA. It’s used in “No Time to Die” to kill every member of Spectre while leaving innocent bystanders in the room unharmed.

But as we barrel towards the movie’s conclusion at Safin’s island lair – where he’s holding Madeline and her young daughter Mathilde (surprise!) hostage – Safrin reveals his intention to unleash the weapon on the world at large, plunging it into chaos.

Bond descends upon Safin’s lair and manages to get Madeline and Mathilde out safely (with help from Lashana Lynch’s Nomi aka the new 007), but he stays behind to ensure that missiles that M (Ralph Fiennes) fires from nearby ships will destroy the lair for good. In order for the missiles to wipe out every trace of the bioweapon before it’s unleashed, Bond has to open the blast doors from a control room.

With Q’s (Ben Whishaw) help, Bond manages to get the doors open, only for Safin to close them again. The clock is ticking as the missiles have already been launched, and Bond and Safin get into a fist fight during which Safin breaks a vile of the bioweapon on Bond’s head. Safin reveals that this is a version of the bioweapon tied directly to Madeline’s DNA, which means that if Bond comes into contact with Madeline or Mathilde, he’ll kill them instantly.

Bond shoots Safin, and now resigned to his fate makes his way back to the control room to open the blast doors again. He confirms with Q that once exposed to the bioweapon, it cannot be cleaned off – it’s “eternal” in Q’s own words. He cannot leave this island alive.

Q patches Bond in to speak with Madeline one last time, who immediately understands there’s no coming back. The two share a tearful goodbye, and we watch as Daniel Craig’s Bond stares out at the ocean while missiles rain down on him.

james bond no time to die full movie dailymotion download james bond no time to die full movie dailymotion download

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