The world of social media has changed so much in the last few years that staying on top of the game has become difficult. The only foolproof method to do so is for digital marketers to properly identify and capitalize on the next major trend.

The social media revolution has very well taken over all other communication mediums. Social media in the past has been the voice of the audience and has been the medium of mass movements. Now, questions are asked on social media and the answer too is expected to be broadcasted for the social media audience specifically, until that’s done, no matter is considered resolved successfully.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has disrupted established modes of communication and business, has also altered the landscape of social media right in front of our eyes. Above all, investing and decentralizing may be the template for the future of social media.

It’s reasonable that many people are initially wary of decentralized social media sites. After all, many social media users are unlikely to trust traditional social media sites that lack a clear owner, given that we are still living in an era of huge centralization. It can also be difficult to envision a new kind of social media platform because there is now no practical means for any user to secure coins or income on mainstream networks.

Maharashtra based social media analyst Ajeet Gunwant Parse recalls the excitement and indulgence of the audience on social media when there were limited channels and the idea of ​​showcasing lifestyle was relatively new.

He distinctly recalls that people would highly generate content than consume it. The charm of social media was much like a newly discovered song, now people have become consumers first than producers. Studies suggest that even as more people are onboarding social media networks, a smaller percentage of users are actively creating and sharing content.

The numbers according to Ajeet Gunwant Parse are so shocking that they might make you question your presence on social media, but he’s sure of the fact that social media is here to stay. According to Mr Parse, the cyber century era is different than before. Now, entertainment, business, educational, financial, political and almost all other industries are under one roof that we know as “social media.”



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