In the new era of the internet exploding and creating new opportunities. Fast or slow, everyone wants to reach a certain milestone career-wise, and everyone wants to grow or shift from something to another either out of sheer passion or need. But how much is the real possibility?

Can just the thoughts of becoming something is enough to achieve that level of success? How much importance does execution get these days? Well, nothing’s impossible when one follows the drive of their passion and works hard, will always lay in results!

Such is the story of aspiring Mr. Allen He, a software engineer who started as a simple employee back in 2012 is now the Global Brand Director of AndaSeat. Previously he was the CMO and Marketing Specialist for Doogee Mobiles Inc. helping them to get to the next level of being a success.

Allen initially did his bachelor’s in Public Affairs and Administration from the Hunan Agricultural University and went onto join Doogee as their Press Relations. Due to his immense contribution in marketing the company and pushing Doogee to new heights, and soon enough, he was already leading the marketing department of Doogee Global and then, took the position of CMO that made him go on with achieving superior milestones for his firm .

In 2016, he worked on a marketing promo for the famous Chinese accessories and products brand, SmartOmi and gave them an astonishing 1400 product sales just within the timeframe of 8hrs! This spread his name throughout the brand network and made him an absolute marketing genius.

But who knew this achievement of his was going to pave the way for him to become one of the best marketers for new startups. He went on to achieve similar results for a lot of startups and budding enterprises which further got him a much superior grip on Brand Marketing and PR Strategies.

In July 2020, Allen joined AndaSeat, one of the finest Gaming chair brands in the world as their Global Brand Director with the responsibilities of taking the firm to new levels in sales and global exposure. His achievements imply his passion for marketing and his ‘never give up’ mindset.

His hard work and passion have brought him here and will take him further making him more and more successful in helping businesses grow. Who knows, maybe one day we might even remember Allen as one of the best marketers ever lived.

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